A slow but steady start....

Well it may look like I have not done very much but I have been frantically jotting stuff down on notepads to get all my thoughts straight before I get started. I have already decided that I will not start my development with the Podcast Syncr but will write my own (very basic) Podcaster first. I know that there are already others out there but the point of this site is not for my to be on the bleeding edge but to learn how to use the new technologies in .NET and Open Source development. I hope to get some code together within the next week and to get it included in a post here shortly afterwards. I have also decided to consider looking at PERL as well as Python and PHP. I may not replicate everything done in Python in PERL or vice verca but I think it will be a good exercise to work with two Open Source languages and (more importantly) be able to select the right one for the job.

In a previous post I said that I had decided to use Eclipse for my Open Source development and while reading Linux Format magazine they had a test of Web Editors where Bluefish came out on top. While there are limitations with the tool (no live preview for one) it seemed to make up for them in other areas. Even better was the Bluefish is in the Ubuntu repository so it was pretty simple (even for me) to install it. I'll be using this tool for my PHP development and will post back my expericences.

Finally, I have also been playing with the Joomla Template Builder to jazz the site up a little. I'm no artist so I can use all the help I can get. It looks pretty good (and it's free) and the site even has a couple of good video tutorials so that even a total novice can make the most of the tool.