Thoughts about Going Live!

There comes a time in the development of a website like this when you just have to stop messing about and make it live. Today is that time! I have been playing around with Joomla! (the CMS system that is hosting this site) for a few weeks now and while I'm not proficient by any means I think I have it hanging together well enough to release.

Ok, there is not a great deal of conent yet but opening up the site will give me extra incentive to get the projects started and the content flowing. Having said that, I've not been sitting on my hands for the last few weeks. I've been refining the project spec for what's on my mind and installing a suitable IDE into my Ubuntu system (there will be a post on this soon but until then I can tell you that I have chosen the Eclipce IDE with a Python plugin) .

I've also been looking at extensions for the Joomla! CMS and have seen a few that I think will be quite useful. I didn't plan on learning a new CMS but it does kinda fit into the plan. I've used DotNetNuke in the past and developed a few modules for it using VB.NET and although DNN is Open Source the Operating System it requires to run, i.e. Windows, is not. So by learning about Joomla! and maybe writting a few extensions for it in the future I can add that string to my bow as well. I have to say that hosting for Joomla is significantly cheaper than that for DNN (75% cheaper and more for my money) so there is a plus point straight away.

Anyway, the site is live and I hope that it will develop into something useful for myself the comunity at large.