On The Fence Development provides professional, affordable and reliable Software Development services to companies of all sizes on a contract basis.

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With over a 15 years of professional experience spanning numerous business sectors I have a good understanding of the entire software development life-cycle. This, combined with my project management experience means that I am able to work effectively at almost any position within a team, from Project Manager to back-end developer, and at any point along the project timeline.

If you have a development team looking for an additional, short term, resource or if you have no in-house development skills and need end-to-end, professional, project and development support for a software based project then the flexibility of a short term contractor may be prove to be very cost effective.

Using Microsoft .NET technologies I have experience writing both desktop and browser-based (internet or intranet) applications, normally backed by a database running SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL. I also have experience of unit testing and automated build practices which help produce high quality code and solutions.

I am also moving into the Mobile Development arena, targeting Android and iOS devices via the Xamarin toolset - which allows me to write native applications (not just 'web frames' pointing to a website) using C# and the .NET Framework. This means I can leverage my development existing skills to produce robust mobile applications.

With an eye for detail and the ability to step back and look at the big picture without losing sight of the finer details I am able to produce efficient, robust code targeted at the users requirements.