2.0.14 - Beta - Released 1 October 2015

  • Major bug fix for occasions were devices are connected to but not logged into a Wifi Hotspot
  • Improved log viewer - now contains details about the update (new logs only) and new filter options
  • Station information accessible via Logs
  • Logs Housekeeping (see settings)
  • You still can't (currently) add a new station - this feature is high on the list and will be included very soon
  • Numerous Tweaks and Bug Fixes

2.0.10 - Beta - Released 8 September 2015

Another bug fix release - issues being raised by users with their devices not running in non-English configurations and this was tracked to an issue where numbers were being parsed incorrectly.

  • Corrected data parsing so that it now works on devices running a language other than UK English!
  • Fixed issue in database which caused duplicate stations to be added
  • Version now displayed in About page
  • Numerous Tweaks and Bug Fixes

2.0.9 - Beta - REleased 1 September 2015

This was a bug fix release

  • Fixed bug with Data Access

2.0.8 - Beta - Released 6 August 2015

  • Better checking for connectivity to FillLPG webservice before starting update
  • 'Update over WiFi Only' option added
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

2.0.7 - Beta - Released 28 June 2015 

  • Map Marker Legend - button next to Refresh button on top menu bar.
  • Updated integration with SatNav applications - please test with any that you have installed
  • Edit/Confirm buttons are now visible all the time
  • New registration functionality
  • Updated 'Initial Data Load' process
  • Bug fixes

2.0.6 Beta - Released 29 March 2015

This was the first version of the application developed using the Xamarin Toolset. Although it did not match features with the previous, Java based, release it was deemed a viable release with the benefits outweighing the omissions.

Main Updates:

  • Now using the Google Maps v2 library which eliminates the response issues reported by users with the latest devices with ultra high resolution screens.
  • Redesigned price update screen for simplified editing.
  • Colour Coded station markers. Using the same price bands as the FillLPG website the app now displays Red, Yellow and Green markers depending on the stations current price. Stations with stale prices (over 60 days old) are displayed slightly greyed/dimmed.
  • Stations in close proximity to each other are now displayed as a cluster until the zoom level is sufficient for them to be displayed without overlapping.
  • Tapping the notification displayed following an update will display the activity logs screen which provides more information.

Known Issues:

  • Notification sometimes will not swipe away (tapping it to go to the Logs page will clear it)
  • Some SatNav applications don't seem to be able to parse the data passed from the app and cannot resolve the station location

1.1.3 - Released 25 February 2015

Final release of this version (next will be 2.0) which fixes some issues introduced by changes in the FillLPG webservice used by the app. Because these changes were not being handled by the app it was causing confusion which led to inadvertent pollution of the data by well meaning users.

A decision was taken to essentially hobbled the application to prevent users from incorrectly updating stations they believed to be displaying incorrect information.

A warning message was displayed to users following the installation of this version directing them to further details on the website.

1.1.2 - Released 28 May 2013

New Features:

  • Added 'Enable/Disable Notifications' feature


  • Removed Splash Screen: App opens straight into the Map rather than waiting for the station update to complete
  • Removed Exit option
  • Added of About page
  • Performance tweaks